Are you ready for a challenge? Let’s write a shoe-themed narrative! Need a creative idea for your story? Try using one of these story ideas to get started and see where your imagination takes you. Grab a pencil and some paper and get creative!

Tips for parents and caregivers:
* Help your young writer to plan their story asking these questions: Where does the story take place? When does the story happen? What do we know about the main character? Are there any other characters in the story? What problem do they need to solve? How will they solve it?
* Story starters are fun for the whole family! Adults can take part too and share their stories with younger children. Inspire teens to come up with their own list of story ideas, or work together as a group!

Story Starters

  1. You wake up one morning to find that your old worn-out sneakers are gone. There’s a brand new pair in their place and they’re made of gold and have wings! Where did they come from? Where will they take you?
  2. You and your brother accidentally put on each other’s shoes. You’re just about to take them off when you suddenly get a strange feeling. You look in the mirror and then at your brother. You’re now him and he’s you! What do you do? What is life like in someone else’s shoes?
  3. You’re putting on your shoes when you hear someone say “Ouch! Owww!” You wonder who said that. “Careful, that hurts!” You look around, puzzled by who’s talking to you. It’s your shoes! What do you say? What do you learn about your shoes? What’s their personality like? Are you the only one that can hear your shoes talking?
  4. You see muddy footprints through the kitchen and down the hallway. The footprints are tiny! Too small to belong to anyone in your family. Do you follow the footprints? Who do they belong to?
  5. You open your lunchbox and all you see are socks! You take the socks out to look for you lunch, but even more socks appear! They’re multiplying! You’re now covered in socks as you frantically dig for your sandwich. What do your classmates do? What do they say? Can you make the socks stop multiplying or do they fill the entire room?
  6. You’re the worlds greatest detective! The local police department has asked you to help them find a missing shoe. Why is this shoe so important? Who did it belong to? Can you find it?
  7. All you’ve ever wanted to be is a ballerina. You practice every day in your bedroom. You spin, you jump, and you stretch up on your tip toes, all while your cat Fluffy watches you. You’ve just taken off your point shoes and tossed them on the floor when Fluffy steps on them. The ribbons lace themselves around her legs, and you can’t believe your eyes, she’s dancing! What happens next? Do you tell anyone what happened?
  8. A new pair of shoes arrives for you in the mail. You’re so excited! They’re time traveling shoes! Where will the shoes take you? Will you travel back in time or to the future? What will you see?
  9. You’re about to put your shoes on when you see something inside. It’s a note! What does it say? Who’s it from?
  10. A monkey appears at your window. He’s wearing a bow tie and holding a purple polka dot sock and a red balloon. What happened to him? Why is he holding these things? What do you do?

After watching this clip, you might just want to tell another story…“A day in the life of my shoe” – written by you!

Once you’ve finished writing your story, try illustrating it and turning it into a book. Don’t have a notebook? Fold a few pieces of blank paper and fasten the edge or get crafty with this fun DYI notebook.

note book

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