Drawing Prompts: Shoes

 1. Imagine you’re a bird looking down at someone’s shoes. Draw what you see. 2. Draw your shoe from three different angles. 3. Imagine you’ve just stepped in something sticky (eww!). You realize that you’re stuck to the ground, and when you look down, there’s something oozing out from under your shoes. Draw your shoes in that sticky ooze! 4. Think of a new sport and draw the kind of shoes you would need to wear for it. 5. Draw a pair of shoes that would be impossible to wear. 6. Imagine that you’re a superhero. Draw your superhero shoes. 7. Draw a pair of shoes that would smell incredible. 8. Trace your shoe. Now turn it into something completely different. 9. Draw a pair of shoes in a shoebox. 10. Draw a pair of shoes in an environment where they would be out of place.

Tips for parents or caregivers:
* Drawing prompts are a starting point to spark imagination and creativity. Get started by reading the list aloud and encouraging your young artist to pick the idea that sounds most exciting.
* Complete 1 drawing from the list of ideas…or try all 10!
* This activity can be enjoyed by the whole family – there’s no age limit on creativity!
* We’d love to see your drawings! Share your creations with us #bsm

Need some music to get your creativity flowing? Get ready to tap your toes to these shoe-themed tunes!

Song Title: A Shine On Your Shoes
Artist: Fred Astaire

Song Title: Boogie Shoes
Artist: KC and the Sunshine Band

When you’ve finished your drawing, let’s go on a journey through a zoo in search of a lost shoe! Follow the link to listen to “Can You Find My Shoes?” By Patty Lennox!


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