Welcome! We’re glad you stopped by for some shoe-themed fun! With over 14,000 shoes in our collection, we have a lot of shoes (and other shoe-related items) to show you, one shoe at a time. Whether you decide to explore a new online exhibition, make a cool craft or listen to an amusing story, you can find it all below. And make sure to check back often – there’s always something new to see and learn!


Hands-on Collection

Hands-On collection
Who says you can’t touch at the Museum! Enhance your visit with multisensory and tactile experiences through our Hands-on collection. Visitors will get to examine objects up close while experienced guides explain the fascinating stories behind the shoes. Only on Saturdays from 11am to 3pm.


Camp In A Shoebox

Camp in a Shoebox
See our latest crafts and activities just for you!


More Activities

Storytime with the BSM
Join us on our Youtube channel and watch one of our staff members read you a shoe-themed story!.
Hands-Off Feature
Check out these feature shoes from the hands-on collection.
Have some fun as a mid-week treat by solving our shoe-themed jigsaw puzzles!.
Get Creative!
Check out these fun activities to get your creativity flowing..