Pete the Cat loves his white shoes. Let’s go on an adventure with Pete and see what happens to his white shoes!

Section 1.

Listen to this animated book and share questions about it.

Listen to “Pete the Cat Loves His White Shoes” by Eric Litwin.
Once you have finished listening to the story, discuss what happens and answer these questions:

1. What colour were Pete’s shoes at the beginning of the story?
2. What colour were Pete’s shoes when he walked through the mud?
3. What other colours did you see?
4. What is your favourite colour?



Section 2.

Colour Sorting Activity Materials needed: objects found around the home

Can you find objects around your home that match the colours of these shoes? Try to find 3 objects for each colour.













Section 3.

Colour Mixing Activity
Materials: Paint (yellow, red, blue), paintbrush, paint tray, water container, paper towel or cloth for cleanup

This activity can also be done by blending crayon or pencil crayon.
*A paper plate, styrofoam tray, or a sheet of waxed paper tightly secured around something flat can substitute for a paint tray.
*Cover the workspace with craft paper or a plastic table cloth if needed.

Did you know that you can mix yellow, red, and blue to make 3 new colours? By mixing these colours in different ways, we can make orange, green, and purple. Let’s try it!

Download the BSM Get Creative week 2 activity sheet


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Need some music to get inspired?

Get ready to tap your toes to this shoe-themed tune!

Song Title: Something In My Shoe
Artist: Raffi

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