Drawing Prompts: Socks

Not sure what to draw? Get inspired by this list of sock-themed drawing ideas. Grab a pencil, crayons, or an entire art kit and get creative!

Tips for parents and caregivers:
* Drawing prompts are a starting point to spark imagination and creativity. Get started by reading the list aloud and encouraging your young artist to pick the idea that sounds most exciting.
* Complete 1 drawing from the list of ideas below…or try all 10!
* This activity can be enjoyed by the whole family – there’s no age limit on creativity!
* We’d love to see your drawings! Share your creations with us #BSM

  • Draw pair of socks tossed on the floor or in a laundry basket.
  • Sketch your socks while you’re wearing them.
  • Look closely at your sock for one minute. Now draw your sock without looking at your paper. Keep looking at the sock while you draw! Don’t look at the paper until you’re done drawing.
  • Trace your sock. Now turn it into something completely different!
  • Choose a pair of socks and two other objects around the house. Draw a picture that includes these objects and tells a story.
  • Draw ten or more socks overlapping.
  • Imagine you lost a sock. Oh no! Create a ‘Missing Sock’ poster for your lost sock.
  • Draw a sock that looks happy, angry, confused, or surprised.
  • Draw a pair of socks that make you feel warm and cozy.
  • Draw socks hanging to dry on a clothesline.


Need some music to get your creativity flowing?

Put on your favourite socks and get ready to tap your toes to this tune!

Now that you’ve finished your drawing, let’s see what happens when Tina wears her favourite socks every day without taking them off. Press play to listen to “Smelly Socks” by Robert Munsch!


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