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Grades 9-12 Teacher Resources

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Hands-off Collection

Check out these feature shoes from the hands-on collection.

Matching Game

Test your knowledge and memory about our shoes. From boots to Zori. See if you can identify the patterns and match the descriptions. Drag the picture over to the matching description, once the image matches the description, both will disappear. Perfect to train your brain or just for fun. Enjoy fun pictures, while learning about various footwear from around the world. Play now

Online Exhibitions

Visit the BSM from anywhere in the world! Our online exhibitions will take you to all four corners of the world!

Just For Kids

Explore our Just For Kids Activity page to find puzzles, craft and more. Explore now

Step Into the BSM Blog

Explore our blog for articles, interviews and more. Explore now

Black History Month

Celebrate the many contributions of Black individuals. Explore now

Teacher Examples

Do you have a shoe related lesson plan or examples of student work that you would like to share with us? We would love to see them! Email: shan@batashoemuseum.ca
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