Attention Educators!
As North America’s only shoe museum dedicated to showcasing 4,500 years of footwear history, the museum holds close to 15,000 shoes and related items in the collection that inspire our exhibitions, programming and educational offerings. One important way that we connect with school groups is through our hands-on collection. A new initiative that we’ve started blends virtual learning with fun – Shoebox Bingo with the BSM! Offering classes the opportunity to see a variety of amazing footwear up close and learn the stories behind them through play, the experience helps spark the imagination, develops inquisitive minds and offers an enriching learning environment that can fit curriculums at a variety of age levels. You can see the program by viewing the video below. If you’d like to book a session or have any questions, please email


School Programs

Offering curriculum specific programs for grades JK – 12

Why study shoes? Although feet are the same around the world, what people choose to wear on their feet is incredibly diverse. It is in this diversity that some of the most interesting aspects of culture are revealed.  Because of this, a field trip to the Bata Shoe Museum can enrich learning in almost any subject area.  We offer a variety of programs for grades JK – 12 with links to many strands within the Ontario curriculum.  We can accommodate up to 50 students for guided programs.


Book A Curriculum School Based Tour

To book a field trip, call (416) 979-7799, from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or by email Please have your school’s phone number available when you call.

Group rates apply to groups of ten or more students.
Guided programs are available from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Click here to learn more about our Guided Programs.

Self-guided visits with groups of 10 or more students are asked to book their visits in advance. Our BSM learning staff can make recommendations of approaches you can take with your class while visiting the museum. We recommend a maximum of 90 minutes for a self-guided visit.


Field Trip Information

Once you have made your booking, we offer you one free admission to the museum to prepare for your field trip. Contact the education department for further information.

When You Arrive
Enter through the swing door located on Bloor Street, at the east end of the Bata Shoe Museum. Educators are asked to proceed straight to the Admissions Desk for registration and payment, located across from the front entrance. Students participating in a guided program will be greeted by their Docent, who will lead you to the gallery. If you participating in a self-guided visit, students will be directed to the cloakroom by BSM volunteers.

Museum Guidelines

  • Flash photography is not permitted in the galleries
  • Food (including gum) and drinks are not allowed in the galleries
  • Pencils only; no pens
  • Please turn your cell phone to vibrate or silent during guided programs
  • Students must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Parent chaperones accompanying school groups are expected to assume an active supervisory role.

Teacher Resources
Some of our past exhibitions are now available online.

Class Projects
Do you have a shoe related lesson plan or examples of student work that you would like to share with us? We would love to see them! Email