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Offering curriculum specific programs for grades JK – 12

Why study shoes? Although feet are the same around the world, what people wear on them can be incredibly diverse. It is within this diversity that some of the most valuable and interesting aspects of history and humanity are revealed. Because of this, a school trip to the Bata Shoe Museum can enrich learning in almost any subject area, linking directly to the Ontario curriculum. We offer a variety of programs for students grades JK – 12, both guided and unguided. Guided programs are available from 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. Group size varies per program. Please inquire for more details.


How to Book

Our tour options have changed for the months of July and August. Please review the available tour options and fill in the Tour Request Form. You will be asked to select your preferred times. A member of our Education Team will then contact you to confirm your requested time, or make alternative arrangements. If you have general questions, please contact

Please note that there is a minimum booking rate of $120. Download the BSM School Program Brochure.

Students will learn about different members of their community through their footwear! What would an athlete wear, or a firefighter and why? Why is it important for all of us to protect our feet when we work, play, or go to school? Students will also have an opportunity to touch and examine the shoes and boots from our special Hands-On collection. They can use their skills to determine how a specific shoe or boot is worn, what materials it is made from and who would wear this type of footwear. This tour will finish off with an “All About Me” Shoe craft. This is a Full Day Program from 10 am – 2 pm which includes a tour, and activity and a hands-on presentation.

Students will explore how shoes look in other parts of the world compared to their own community. They will be asked how the purpose, material, local climate, resources and cultural practices change how a shoe looks and functions. Students will travel through time to see how footwear has changed and developed, and how different cultures develop their own unique styles in their footwear. Classes will also take on a challenge, working in small teams to guess what countries different types of shoes come from using their investigation skills and our interactive map. This tour concludes with students making a collage poster to showcase their favourite type of footwear or theme. This is a Full Day Program from 10 am – 2 pm which includes a tour, and activity and a hands-on presentation.

Who designed your favourite running shoes? Step into the shoes of a sneaker designer during this exciting field trip. Students will have a tour of our exhibits and learn a little about the history of footwear (with a focus on sneakers). Students will be inspired by the different styles, motifs and the range of materials found in our collection. Classes will learn about the different parts of a sneaker and get a chance to decorate their very own mini-sneaker prototype, customizing everything from the patterns, to the logo and laces! Each student will also be able to design their own specialty shoebox. This is a Full Day Program from 10 am – 2 pm which includes a tour, and activity and a hands-on presentation.

There are over 20 billion pairs of shoes made every year. The desire for fashion has contributed to accelerated rates of pollution and increasing landfills, but it’s not too late to change things. This tour encourages Intermediate and Secondary students to think about harmful effects of shoe manufacturing on our environment. This tour also creates an awareness of creative solutions and new approaches in shoe design that can inspire students to take action and make sustainable choices in their own lives. This knowledge can empower them to become environmentally conscious consumers and champions for a more sustainable future! This is a Full Day Program from 10 am – 2 pm which includes a tour, and activity and a hands-on presentation.

All About Shoes (Any Grade)

Our classic program option: a guided tour of the Bata Shoe Museum’s All About Shoes exhibition, paired with an exciting limited-time special exhibition. Afterwards, groups may choose to enjoy a self-guided view of the rest of the museum’s exhibitions.

À La Carte Gallery Tours (Any Grade)

Groups can choose which BSM’s galleries they would like to see with a guide, including our main exhibit, All About Shoes and the other special exhibitions in our three rotating galleries. Afterwards, groups may choose to enjoy a self-guided view of the rest of the museum’s exhibitions.

**Guided tours include an option to have a Hands-On History presentation at no additional cost. A shoe decorating activity can be added to the tour at an additional cost.

Visit the Bata Shoe Museum on your own schedule! We offer discounted tickets to school groups who would just like to visit the museum at their own pace.

*not available in July or August.



includes Tax

Full Day Program
Student (Grades JK-12) $14
Guided Group Tour
Student (Grades JK-12) $9
Student (18+) $10
Step Ahead $0
Unguided Group Visit
Student (Grades JK-12) $5
Student (18+) $8

Teachers and Chaperones:

The Bata Shoe Museum requires students to be accompanied by adult supervisors to ensure the safety and protection of all everyone. Admission is free for required chaperones. Each additional chaperone will be charged $14. Support workers for persons with disabilities may attend for free.

  • JK/SK – 1 adult per 6 students
  • Grades 1-8 – 1 adult per 10 students
  • Grades 9-12 – 1 adult per 15 students.

Field Trip Information

Once you have made your booking, we offer you one free admission to the museum to prepare for your field trip. Contact the education department for further information.

When You Arrive
Enter through the revolving door located on Bloor Street. Educators are asked to proceed straight to the Admissions Desk for registration and payment, located across from the front entrance.

Please review the following guidelines with your group prior to your visit:

  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the galleries. A designated lunch room is available.
  • Animals are not permitted in the Museum. Service animals are excepted.
  • Adult chaperones accompanying school groups are expected to assume an active supervisory role

School groups may also reserve the use of the lunchroom. The lunchroom allows seating for up to 48 people

Teacher Resources

Looking to prepare for your trip? Explore our online educational resources.

Class Projects

Do you have a shoe related lesson plan or examples of student work that you would like to share with us? We would love to see them. Email