Wooden Clog

Clogs from holland

This is a Dutch clog from Holland. It is made from the lightweight wood of the poplar tree. Wood is plentiful, inexpensive, waterproof, long-wearing and easy to carve. That makes it a good choice for people like farmers who work out of doors. It feels very smooth because it has been carefully sanded so that it will be comfortable to wear.

This clog was made for tourists visiting Holland to buy as a souvenir. It is painted a glossy red with images from Holland. There is a windmill. There are lots of yellow tulips. There are people wearing traditional Dutch costumes. We call these images symbols. They tell us things about Holland using pictures rather than words.

What symbols can you think of that represent your country? For example, what is on the national flag? Is there an animal that is special to your country? Or even something delicious to eat?

Think of a symbol or symbols that might tell us something about YOU. Maybe you play a certain sport. Maybe you like the colour blue. Maybe you love pickles. Or polka dots.

Decorate this clog with your symbols. Click here to print it off.
Unpainted Clogs

Fun fact:

The Dutch word for clogs is Klompen. The English language borrowed this word and made an action word: clomp. To clomp means to walk heavily or noisily. Have you ever clomped around your home or the schoolyard? What kind of shoes were you wearing when you were clomping?

Activity to Try – Word Mining

“Mine” words from the letters in the word Klompen. We found the word melon.
Grab a piece of paper, can you find ten more?

Great work!

Here is a fun roller clog from Holland.

Roller Clog

Come back for more roller fun in the next Feature of the Week!

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