Shaquille O’Neal’s Timberlands

Today we are ‘shoe’casing a really big shoe. This Timberland boot was made in 1997 as for retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and is a hefty size 22 extra extra wide. Sizes that large aren’t made on the factory assembly line It’s a prototype or ‘practice’ shoe. Once Mr. O’Neal tried it on he gave the factory his comments and they made his new pair of Timbs. If the prototype was never really worn, why is it so dirty on the toe and heel? Because thousands of kids of all ages have handled it during our hand-on (now hands-off) demonstrations. 😉

Shaquille O'neals Timberlands

Shaq Shoe Comparison
Men’s Size 10 Vs Men’s size 22


Shaq’s boot is 42cm long. That’s the length of 14 paper clips laid end to end. Or 21 Barbie shoes. Or 5 and a half hockey pucks.
If you have any of these objects, try lining them up along your shoe to see how many you use. Try measuring the shoes of other people in your family and record the results. How do they compare with Shaq’s? Or, use a ruler or measuring tape to cut a piece of string or paper 42 cm long and compare the length of Shaq’s boot to your shoes. Shaq is 2.16 metres tall and wears really big shoes.

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