Clown Shoes

Last Feature of the Week, we learned that former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has to have his size 22 shoes specially made because they don’t make sizes that big in shoe factories. Hidee the Clown also had a problem getting shoes. Have you ever seen clown shoes for sale in a shoe store? Hidee had to go to a shoemaker and have her shoes made by hand. But that way she got to choose the colours she loved – blue, purple and silver. And she asked for red hearts on the toes. We ❤️ that! When they got too worn out, she gave them to the museum, making sure they would be part of our hands-on collection so that people can see and touch them.

Fun fact:

The padded toes of clown shoes are stuffed with horsehair. They feel squishy when you squeeze them.

Besides clowns, lots of people wear special shoes for their job. Does anyone in your family wear special shoes at work? Can you think of five jobs that require special shoes?

Do you or your family use special shoes for sports, dance or other activities?

Great Work!



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