Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten teachers! The 50 minute program begins with an exploration of the All About Shoes gallery. It continues with a Hands-on and Try-on session in our studio, where students get a chance to touch, feel, and take an up-close look at some of the footwear: ballet slippers, clown shoes, firefighter boots, rubber tire sandals and many others. To finish the program, students will also have a chance to try on some of our shoes.

Our Approach
The museum delivers a well-paced program that appeals to a wide range of learning styles. In exploring the exhibitions and participating in the hands-on session, students will observe, ask questions, and share ideas.

An integrated approach to learning
Museum docents address many of the curriculum’s program expectations: Personal & Social Development; Language; Science & Technology; The Arts.

Every shoe has a story!
Whether it is an everyday house slipper or an extraordinary chestnut crushing clog, everybody can relate to shoes. See the biggest, the oldest, the smallest, the pointiest, the tallest, the spikiest, and the most famous shoe. A visit to the Bata Shoe Museum will be a perfect extension or start to a ‘Shoe Unit’ in your classroom: from books, to fairy tales, to songs & rhymes, to arts & crafts projects.

Cost of Program
Guided tours $6 per student; Self-guided tours $5 per student; Teachers free.


Adult ESL Program

ESL teachers! Bring your students to the Bata Shoe Museum for an enriching and engaging learning experience. See the Museum with a guide or bring your group for a self-guided visit. Our tour guides are trained to work with groups of all language levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Tour guides engage students in conversation, encourage questions, and give learners a chance to practice their language skills.

Tour Length and Program
Guided tours are 60 minutes in length. Choose a full one-hour tour of the museum or combine your tour with our unique Hands-on artefact session.

Why Choose a Hands-on Session?
Who says you can’t touch at the Museum! Enhance your visit with multisensory and tactile experiences through our Hands-on program. During Hands-on artefact sessions, your group will get to handle and examine museum objects up close while experienced guides explain the fascinating stories behind the shoes. Tactile experiences benefit kinaesthetic learners, and help communicate key information to ESL adults and those with low vision. If you’ve ever wanted to feel a sealskin boot or touch a shoe made from a tire, now’s your chance!

Cost of Program
Guided tours $6 per student; Self-guided tours $5 per student; Teachers free with booked tours.


Full Day Visits

BSM/Gardiner Museum Full Day Program: Combine your visit to the Bata Shoe Museum with a trip to the Gardiner Museum. Gain inspiration from the shoes at the Bata Shoe Museum in the morning, and then take your class to the Gardiner Museum in the afternoon to make a clay shoe. The Gardiner Museum is within walking distance of the Bata Shoe Museum: 111 Queen’s Park, just south of Bloor Street West. There is an additional charge of $9 per student for this option (total cost of $15 per student). To arrange the second part of this full-day program, call the Gardiner Museum at (416) 408-5064. Click here to visit the Gardiner Museum website,