When You Arrive
Enter through the swing door located on Bloor Street, at the east end of the Bata Shoe Museum. Educators are asked to proceed straight to the Admissions Desk for registration and payment, located across from the front entrance. Students participating in a guided program will be greeted by their Docent, who will lead you to the gallery. If you participating in a self-guided visit, students will be directed to the cloakroom by BSM volunteers.

Museum Guidelines
Flash photography is not permitted in the galleries;
Food (including gum) and drinks are not allowed in the galleries;
Pencils only; no pens;
Please turn your cell phone to vibrate or silent during guided programs;
Students must be accompanied by an adult at all times;
Parent chaperones accompanying school groups are expected to assume an active supervisory role.

Museum Manners
Please discuss our Museum Manners with your students prior to the visit:

1. We walk slowly. We speak quietly.
2. We stay in a group with our leader.
3. We take turns speaking by putting up our hands.
4. “Museum hands” stay behind our backs, at our sides, or in our pockets.
5. Sometimes we kneel down so that people behind us can see.
6. We touch Museum objects when our tour leaders invite us, and are careful when we touch.
7. We use the stairs, not the elevator when possible.

Teacher Resources
Some of our past exhibitions are now available online, with teachers’ resources at allaboutshoes.ca.

Class Projects
Do you have a shoe related lesson plan or examples of student work that you would like to share with us? We would love to see them! Email to: education@batashoemuseum.ca